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"The heroes just can't catch a break can they? Time after the lightless black threatened to destroy the world, they travelled back through Meteor City, only to end up captured by the nefarious villain who traps them in his fortress.

And to make matters worse, the dark side has once again stuck their beaks into places they shouldn’t, getting captured along with the heroes…

The villain has a challenge for the two teams as he forces them to play his twisted game. What awaits them is a boarding adventure that will either grant them their freedom or seal their fates forever."

Welcome to an original soundtrack, a 'Sonic Riders' series' tribute, Grooves of the Future.

Sonic, all related characters, the franchise and such are trademarks and copyright of SEGA. This product does not intend any type of copyright infringement and instead wants to only pay tribute and express the love the fans, who made these album, have for the franchise. Please do not publicly or privately redistrubute this album. Should permission for any purposes such as usage or remixing, please contact Faseeh.


released November 6, 2013

Well, that's it for the story! I hope you guys love the album and if you guys would be nice enough to pay me, please do so. It'll really help me get better and support myself financially.

Album art by Faseeh. Story by ChaosSupremeSonic and Faseeh. Big thanks and shoutouts to amazing friends and people who've helped with this album somehow!

Well, whatcha waiting for now? Go grab the album!



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Faseeh - Step into the Future - Menu Screens
Trivia: This track was originally a scrapped composition for Final Frontier, and was later reworked and brought back as a title screen theme due to high demand.
Track Name: Faseeh - Rush Hour - Meteor City (Team Heroes)
Trivia: This is Faseeh's first original song that did not make use of loops straight from his DAW.
Track Name: BaluvXaluv - Showered Sorrow - Meteor City (Team Babylon)
Trivia: Easily the track that took the longest time!
Track Name: Faseeh - Impending Avalanche ft. Joshua Taipale - Snow Caverns (Team Heroes)
Trivia: This song's original concept version was calm and strings-based.
Track Name: Faseeh - Chill Dive - Snow Caverns (Team Babylon)
Trivia: The harp arp pattern was inspired by Tropical Coast 3 from Sonic Lost World.
Track Name: Nicolas Quiles - The Fall - Cosmic Ruins (Team Heroes)
Trivia: For the most part, Nicolas did this song right from whatever popped in his head, while making sure it fit with what was the level's theme.
Track Name: Faseeh - Recollection - Cosmic Ruins (Team Babylon)
Trivia: Faseeh got the idea and direction for this song in 5 minutes but took almost a whole day to get it to where it is now!
Track Name: Sean Evans - Fright Riders - Midnight Castle (Team Heroes)
Trivia: Sean had to redo this song for about 3 times for various reasons.
Track Name: Faseeh - Dusk Destruction - Midnight Castle (Team Babylon)
Oh my girl...
Set you free...

Oh my girl...
Set you free...

Oh my girl
I would set you free
I wanna take you as far as the eye can see
Together we must stay until eternity
Now set me free...

Why can't you see
I want you here in me
When I reach out and touch
It wasn't meant to be...

Trivia: This was the track that had the most number of inspirations factoring into the final product. (Vocal chops, Hang Castle Inverted, creepy dubstep songs, Mystic Mansion)
Track Name: Faseeh - Sawblades and Robots - Final Frontier (Team Heroes)
Trivia: Faseeh doesn't like this song much as he feels that it's not good enough, but he doesn't have an idea of how to make it better.
Track Name: Faseeh - The Core - Final Frontier (Team Babylon)
Trivia: This track started a short-lived series of clipping problems for Faseeh.
Track Name: General Offensive! - Another Chapter Closed - Credits
Trivia: GO! originally was supposed to remix Snow Caverns (Team Babylon) too.